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2018-2019 Gallery

Romans Rule

Romans Rule!


LI: To investigate the Roman’s use of weapons, strategies and items used in everyday life.


In our learning today, we investigated first how the Roman army moved in simple formations. We briefly looked at repelling an enemy use the testudo and other ways in which they used their weapons. We even tried to use the spears and sling-shots to see if we would be effective auxiliary Roman soldiers. Some of us were really good!

We also looked at various items the Romans used in everyday life. This included their use of coins and pottery and even how they used the loo.


Outdoor Learning - Coordinates


In our Maths learning today we looked at coordinates. We investigated these by using our playground resources. We talked about how we can use these skills as Roman soldiers as well as how they can be used to find someone that may be lost.

We used our class mates to mark out the quadrant using whiteboards, which allowed us to try and plot where a chosen coordinate might be. We were very successful and this helped us in class as well.


2017-2018 Gallery

Book Glorious Books

Libraries are sometimes seen as stuffy, super quiet places with endless rows of books where librarians worry about their precious collections rather than the joy of reading! Not everybody likes going to the library, but what if everyone could fall in love with books and libraries?

In the Autumn term, we were challenged to promote the joy of reading. We produced our very own ideas for encouraging the younger children to read and we have used our creativity and thinking to make our Year 3 reading areas fun places to read. We also wrote letters to our local book stores to ask for their help. Please take a look at some of our ideas

“I really enjoyed writing my letter to W.H. Smith because it taught me how to structure a letter and how to use ambitious vocabulary.”

Play The Game


Children are increasingly becoming zombies in front of computer screens! It’s time to get back to good old fashioned values. In this project, will use their imaginations to design, create and evaluate their own magnetic games for a variety of chosen audiences.

During the second half of the Autumn term, we were encouraged to use our independence, creativity and thinking to design our very own magnetic games. We were challenged, by a local toy store, to design a traditional game that would be suitable for travelling and we were all extremely proud of our final designs. We hope you enjoy looking at them.

“I loved this unit because we got to design our very own magnetic game. Normally, adults would do this so this was a huge challenge for us. I also learnt all about exploded diagrams and why they are important when you design something.”


2016-2017 Gallery