English is the backbone of all learning and the single most important set of skills that children will ever acquire. It provides them with a powerful means to communicate and express their ideas and thoughts to others, everyday, and across the world. English provides the means of achieving dreams and aspirations, to become whatever they want to be. Enjoyment, experiences and pleasure are gained through a growing understanding of English in all its forms. It has the power to excite the imagination and allows us to become lost in other worlds and times beyond our experience. A secure command of English opens doorways, new paths to learning, entertainment and life.

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Developing a Love for Reading!

Reading at home is an integral part of your child’s English learning.

At Hill View, we want all our pupils to develop a love for reading and be inspired by a good book. The Book Trust and UKLA have up to date, recommend books for children of all ages. Use the links below to find something new and exciting to read
with your child.




Rainbow Cursive Script

Reading With Your Child

Whole School Reading Leaflet For Parents May 2016

Alphabet Mat


Writing Learning Walls

16-17 Learning Wall EYFS

16-17 Learning Wall Year 1

16-17 Learning Wall Year 2

16-17 Learning Wall Year 3

16-17 Learning Wall Year 4

16-17 Learning Wall Year 5

16-17 Learning Wall Year 6


Reading Learning Walls

Year 1 Reading Learning Wall

Year 2 Reading Learning Wall

Year 3 Reading Learning Wall

Year 4 Reading Learning Wall

Year 5 Reading Learning Wall

Year 6 Reading Learning Wall


Vocabulary, Grammar, Punctuation Learning Walls

Year 1 VGP Learning Wall

Year 2 VGP Learning Wall

Year 3 VGP Learning Wall

Year 4 VGP Learning Wall

Year 5 VGP Learning Wall

Year 6 VGP Learning Wall


Year 6 SATs Glossary

SATs English Glossary