Sport At Hill View Primary School

We are proud of the wide range of sports we offer our children at Hill View Primary School. A wide range of extra curricular clubs complement our diverse PE and Games lessons meaning every child has a chance to figure out what their favourite sport could be. Information on the range of clubs we offer can be found here.

More information on PE as part of our curriculum can be found here.

This page will be updated regularly with our sporting achievements. We’ll also keep an updated gallery of our weekly sports awards winners.


We have been very busy taking part in lots of events and competitions over the last few weeks. Here’s the latest news:

  • The Year 5 and 6 boys played extremely well in the AFC Tournament. An extra special well done is due to Luke Chavez-Munoz who scored the top goal of the tournament! Well done to everyone who took part: Ethan Sams, Jake Braide, Ellis White, Adam Gulliver, Bradley Walker, Fin West and Leon Gill.
  • On the 22nd of February Year 5 and 6 took part in an athletics competition. The girls came joint 2nd with 94 points and the boys came joint 1st with 124 points which meant overall we came 2nd with 218 points. Combined with our score last time we managed to get enough points to get through to the Bournemouth final. We would like to thank Mrs Jenkins and Mrs Taylor for taking us as well as all the parents who came to support.
    – Ethan Sams (Armstrong) and George Ward (Mandela)
  • We’re also very proud of the Girl’s cross country team, who came overall 3rd in their last competition, with Georgia Reeks individually coming 2nd – Amazing!
  • We’re very excited to announce we won the first stage of indoor athletics (boys, girls and overall). Unfortunately our teams didn’t win any of the football finals, but they did play very well – the girls only lost by one penalty! It was a huge achievement to get as far as we did – Well done Hill View! Our netball team also had an amazing win against Malmesbury Park: 10-0!
  • Adam Gulliver had an amazing time representing Dorset with the Dorset County Athletic Association. He competed in 4 events, jumped a personal best of 2.05m and came 2nd overall. This is a huge achievement and we’re immensely proud of him. Well done Adam!
  • After a break over Christmas, sports are back up and going at Hill View. Our sports clubs are running at full capacity, and our teams are playing amazingly well together.
  • The Year 5 and 6 football teams all got through to the finals which is an absolutely massive achievement. They played very well in the finals, but sadly did not win. The girl’s team played especially well, drawing their match and only losing out due to penalties. Well done everyone for playing so well!
  • Hill View won the first stage of indoor athletics, and are looking forward to taking part in the next round soon.
  • This afternoon our netball team are off to Malmesbury Park to take part in the next round of the competition – best of luck!
  • Well done to the Year 5 and 6 girl’s football team who played in the County Finals last week. Sadly they did not make it through to the next round by only one point, but they played extremely well and won two games and drew the other two.

This half term, Hill View have had the privilege of meeting some Paralympic athletes. It was an amazing few days where the children were able to gain an insight into the lives of those with disabilities.

The week began by having three amazing Paralympic footballers, with cerebral palsy. These fantastic athletes did two assemblies, where they inspired the children with their stories of how they got to be where they are today. It opened up their eyes and many could see that through hard work and dedication anything is possible.

On the second day, we were lucky to have Lucy Shuker – the bronze Paralympic tennis player visiting our school for the whole day. She did two assemblies and then we were lucky enough for her to be able to work with three year groups. The children loved getting close to a ‘real’ Paralympic bronze medal, but more than that, they loved having the opportunity to meet and talk with Lucy. The children were in awe of her story and could see how many of the things we take for granted, Lucy cannot. However, she showed them that once again with hard work, positivity, determination, anything could be achieved and that through having her accident and being in a wheelchair it had opened up other wonderful opportunities. A signed photo of Lucy is available to download below.

Finally, on day three, we took the whole of Year 5 to the University in Lansdowne, where the children had the chance to meet Nicolina Pernheim – a blind Paralympic Judo player. Once again, the children were exposed to how life was very different for Nicolina, the struggles that she had faced and had overcome. She was driven to succeed despite those tricky problems, aimed high and had become a very successful athlete.

Hill View would like to thank Mr Palfreman-Kay for his help in organising this fantastic opportunity.

  • Our Hill View Letters competition has finished, and the final designs have been chosen and created. They will be on display in the office shortly. See a picture of our winner and her design below.
  • Year 5 boys played at Littledown Predator Tournament and won 3 games and drew the 4th. They did not make it through to the next stage due to goal difference.
  • Year 5/6 girls won both matches in their footie league against Moordown St John’s and Kingsleigh
  • Year 5 boys won both matches in their footie league against Moordown St John’s and Kingsleigh
  • Year 6 boys won both matches in their footie league against Moordown St John’s and Kingsleigh
  • Year 5/6 girls played at Littledown Predator Tournament and won all games leading up to the final and are now through to the County Finals in December