Values and Ethos

At Hill View Primary School we subscribe to a values based learning system.

Children are exposed to our learning values from very early on in their time with us. We believe that a combination of Spirituality, Collaboration, Creativity, Emotional Intelligence, Independence and Thinking will create a well rounded, competent learner, ready for the world outside primary school.

Each of our learning values is represented by a character and story to make it more relatable to children. Each story also includes talking points to help your child fully understand the meaning, and the real life applications, of each value. To read the stories, please visit this link.

We also follow the ethos values of ASCENT. ASCENT stands for Aspire, Success, Community, Excellence, Nurture and Trust. Again, these values follow us all through our time at Hill View as they are embedded throughout the curriculum to support the children as they ‘Reach For The Stars’. The ethos values determine how we behave and respond to one another, what we expect and guide us on a secure pathway of happiness, achievement and fulfilment.

Our curriculum is founded on these life learning skills giving shape and purpose to every project studied throughout their time with us. Whilst we give provenance to specific learning values for a set time, we recognise these values are constantly interacting and are interwoven thus interacting on each other constantly.


We ASPIRE to challenge ourselves to become who or what we want to be. To recognise the opportunities that will enable us to fulfil our talents, hopes and dreams.

To believe that anything is possible.


We try our best in all that we do and take pride in our achievements and those of others. We understand that we need to persevere in order to achieve our individual SUCCESSES, even when there are obstacles to challenge us.

We all succeed.


We belong to a number of different communities at Hill View and beyond. We learn from each other by sharing common values and respecting differences. In order for our COMMUNITY to work well we all have a part to play and a responsibility to each other.

We welcome everyone.


We want to achieve the highest standards possible in how we behave, learn and present ourselves. We realise that in order to EXCEL we have to make a personal commitment.

We strive to be the best we can be.


We care, support and NURTURE each other as unique individuals; in a safe and secure environment. We value everyone for who they are recognising the different beliefs and needs. We work together to help everyone realise their talents and potential.

We help each other grow.


We strive to build TRUST in our relationships and encourage openness, respect and loyalty. We will act responsibly, fairly and with integrity, knowing that we can truly depend on one another.

We trust each other.