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2018-2019 Gallery

2017-2018 Gallery

Acting Up

Acting Up

The children in Year 4 worked incredibly hard at reading and adapting Roald Dahl books into plays. We put their collaboration and thinking skills to the test in this project, where children were completely in charge of their own learning and had to work together to succeed.

They created their own backdrops, scripts, costumes and props. They all ‘wowed’ us with learning their lines and then bringing all of their hard work together with a wonderful performance to parents. Thank you for all of your support throughout this project, it was appreciated by all.



Romans Rule

Romans Rule!

Throughout this project, the children will be investigating ‘Is it fair to say that everybody hated the Romans?’. They have already participated in ‘spear throwing’, learning Roman numerals, looking at and handling roman artefacts and making mosaic tiles. Children will have the opportunity to create their own mosaic tiles and create their own enquiry question. They will then research their chosen area and teach peers and parents at a Roman Museum at the end of their project.

2016-2017 Gallery