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For this unit the children loved exploring the season of winter, with a particular focus on what is happening to our environment, our bodies and why. The children learnt all about snow, ice, winter weather, changing liquids to solids and vice versa and how we and animals stay warm.

Our hook was fabulous, the children loved being invited into a Winter Wonderland where they used their senses to explore what it might be like in the frozen parts of our world. The children watched clips from Frozen Planet to think about what it might be like to live in polar regions.




India is a place of festivals, colours, sounds and experiences. This project was an ideal opportunity for the children to experience and appreciate different cultures and festivals, discussing the similarities and differences. The children learnt the art of Bollywood dancing and explored how their bodies can move. They have learnt some traditional Indian dance moves and sequenced their own dance ready to show to others. At the start of the unit, we hosted an ‘India Day’ where the children tasted a variety of traditional foods from India and also got creative by making their own Rangoli art and Mehndi patterns.



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