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Fire Fire


A mysterious box appeared, battered and covered in soil. Where did it come from? What is inside?

Year One opened the box and discovered that it had been buried a long time ago. But by whom?

As Historians, Year One searched for evidence about the past in pictures, books, artefacts and on the internet.

To help represent their findings of the Great Fire of London Year One became Artists. They created London silhouette skylines from September, 1666. The children also explored light and dark with sketching pencils when making observational sketches of firefighting artefacts from 1666 and today.

Children had a fantastic day with Redhill fire brigade, learning about how firefighting has changed since 1666. They also learnt about fire safety around the home.






Year One experienced what schooling was like without electricity, technology or resources like we have in schools today. They also explored traditional playground games. During the afternoon Year One took on the role of a tour guide. They worked collaboratively to create a living museum for their visitors where they explained all the work they had created and everything they had learnt.














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Ring a Ring a Roses

London’s Burning

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