British Value at Hill View


The British Values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance underpin much of what we do at Hill View. They are key to our ASCENT values (Aspire, Success, Community, Nurture and Trust), they are woven into many of our Integrated Curriculum projects and they form the backbone of what you will see being modelled in each classroom.


We are increasingly becoming a more diverse and multicultural school, which truly reflects modern Britain, and this supports us in our quest to cultivate tolerant and respectful young people.

British Values June 2021


Below are our British Value templates we use here at Hill View


Through projects such as Bollywood Beats (EYFS), Looking After Me (Year 2), My Many Coloured Days (Year 5), ASCENT and Black History (Year 6) the children are given opportunities to critically explore different cultures and historical periods, to reflect on what makes them unique, to have the courage to talk about their beliefs and to express their preferences and discuss why they are passionate about their choices. At Hill View we use the JIGSAW scheme of work to deliver PSHE and SMSC and this will soon be replaced by SCARF (Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience, Friendship) which includes lessons that relate directly to one or all of the British Values.

In our daily routines, we strive to give all children the chance to experience, and learn about, the fundamental British Values. For example:

  • listening to one another during Circle Time
  • choosing a book for story time each day
  • voting for things they feel passionate about such as their School Counsellor
  • expressing their feelings using their class Worry Box
  • creating a class charter that all pupils agree to
  • understanding the traffic light system for unacceptable behaviour
  • being responsible for a particular job within the class.

Finally, there are a number of events at Hill View that explicitly teach some of the skills that children need in order to be able to contribute to society in a respectful, inquisitive and confident way. For example, in December 2019 we held a mock General Election for Years 5 and 6 which the children thoroughly enjoyed. Each year we have an activity which celebrates Anti- Bullying Week, such as a poster competition, which serves to highlight the importance of tolerance and respect. Most years we sell poppies and take part in a Remembrance Assembly and art activities across the school, which reinforces the values of mutual respect and the rule of law.