Computers are a significant part of our everyday life. For the majority of us, technology is essential to our daily routines, at home and at work. Therefore, it is important that we provide every child from an early age with the fundamental computational thinking skills required to excel in their education and in the workplace. In doing this, they will be able to participate effectively in this fast developing digital world.


The Computing National Curriculum in England recently experienced significant changes with the focus shifting away from digital literacy, placing a larger emphasis on computer science and IT.


At Hill View Primary School we believe Computer Science embodies logic, rigour and problem solving. Therefore we equip all children with specific problem solving and evaluative skills required to program and debug electronic devices and software. Children will develop an in depth knowledge and understanding of how computers and computer networks work and how information is distributed, saved and viewed via the WWW.


Interwoven in to all aspects of computing is E-Safety. Children are taught how to keep safe in this ever changing digital world and the steps to take if problems or worries arise.


IT has been in schools for many years and such skills still hold a significant waiting.  Children will continue to learn how to finding things out, exchange and share information, and review, modify and evaluate work. Children’s Digital Literacy skills are embedded in all areas of the National Curriculum effectively empowering, enriching, and inspiring them to produce work that pushes the boundaries of published media.