Reach Trust Inspection reports

During these strange and challenging times the Schools Governing body has rightly been focused primarily on the wellbeing of our children and all school staff, however we have continued to carefully monitor the schools strategic focus and effectiveness. We have maintained our meeting schedule and become quite practiced at using zoom breakout groups to enable each link governor to meet with key school staff.

As part of the continued Challenge and Support of the schools effectiveness, in December the school received a two day formal inspection visit by lead practitioners. The governing body are pleased to report that the team of inspectors agree with our judgement that the school is at least Good in all areas with some aspects of provision being judged as Outstanding. The full report from inspectors provides a clear account of how the school is progressing and identifies areas where further improvement can be made to progress toward being outstanding in all areas. If you would like to read the inspectors report yourself you can find it here: ROSE Review