Children at Hill View can enjoy a wide range of extra-curricular activities.
The younger children enjoy role play as part of their curriculum.
Our facilities are second to none.

About Us

Hill View Primary school provides a happy, secure and stimulating learning environment for every child. We do this through an integrated curriculum, a wide range of extra-curricular activities, and the values and ethos that really ties it all together.

Learning with us is exciting, interesting and fun. We provide an integrated curriculum where children learn through projects and experiences. Life and learning at Hill View is memorable – we aim to create happy memories children can take long into the future, as well as the skills necessary to succeed. Our teachers and teaching assistants are highly trained and well experienced in all aspects of primary education, meaning our children are supported, encouraged and well-led throughout their time with us.

Our facilities provide everything a child could need, and more. We’re proud of our spacious building which houses our 19 classes, as well as a dedicated ICT Suite, Library and Music Room. As well as our classrooms, we are lucky to have two sports halls, large outdoor areas and an area reserved for Reception children to play. Our PTFA have recently succeeded in reaching their fundraising goal to help us pay for a new adventure playground, and we’re looking forward to beginning construction shortly.

Hill View Primary has worked collaboratively with a number of other schools for several years. In autumn 2015, Hill View Primary School and Malmesbury Park converted to academy status. At the same time, the working relationship between the two schools was formalised by establishing a MAT, known as Bournemouth Primary Multi-Academy Trust (or BPMAT).

It has now been agreed that it is not sustainable in the longer term to remain as a two school MAT and therefore the decision was taken to look for a larger MAT to work with. Having undertaken a comprehensive research it has been decided that it would be in the best interests of BPMAT to join Reach South Multi-Academy Trust. This will be an exciting opportunity to belong to a much larger, highly successful and well-established Trust.

Therefore as of 1st March 2018 Hill View operates as part of Reach South Academy Trust. The trust oversees our financing and long term direction, meaning we have more time in school to focus on providing your children an outstanding education. To learn more about Reach South Academy Trust click their logo below.