Hill View Primary Academy is a member of Reach South Multi Academy Trust. There are a number of academy policies provided by Reach South. These include:

These are all available on their website: https://www.reachsouth.org/policies


There are various policies that we follow at Hill View Primary School. Click through each link below to read an outline of each policy, and to find a PDF of the full document.


As a school that is often oversubscribed, it is important that you read, understand and follow our policy as it is written. If you have any queries regarding our admissions policy please get in contact with us.

If you would like to visit the school, please contact the office. We do not host open days, but we do host guided tours in small groups regularly.

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to the Hill View Primary School community.

Please click on the link below to access our Admissions page.

Our Admissions Page

Please Note: The deadline consultation date is Friday 21 February


Good attendance leads to achievement at school. At Hill View, we want all children to have a positive experience of school life and be able to reach their full potential. One way parents can help their child to do this is by ensuring they attend school every day.

Our attendance policy, a simple guide to promoting good school attendance and a document to read before requesting term time authorised absences are all attached below.

HVPA Attendance Policy 2023-24

HV application for leave in term time

Attendance Policy CV-19 Annex

The Headteacher has the discretion to decide whether absence can be authorised and whether a holiday in term time can be authorised or not. In the event of a parent putting in an application for their child to be removed for a holiday in term time, many factors will be considered including the following:

  • The age of the child and the time and duration of the requested leave.
  • The child’s current level of attendance.
  • The child’s ability.
  • Whether leave has been requested during, or close to, examination times or SATs.
Behaviour, Bullying & Exclusions

Hill View Primary Academy is part of Reach South Academy Trust (RSAT).

RSAT has produced an overarching behaviour Policy and guide to Relational Principles of which our approach at Hill View is detailed at Appendix 1 and in the other appendices.

The full behaviour and relational principles policy is below and we are working on a Behaviour page that makes access to the key parts of the policy easier for parents and carers.

RSAT Behavioural Policy V1 Draft

Antibullying Policy 2023



Charging & Remissions

Additional activities at Hill View Primary make a valuable contribution to the curriculum. These include trips, clubs and residential experiences. Hill View aims to promote and provide such activities as additional, optional activities.

Our charging and remissions policy is attached below.

Charging and Remissions Policy 2022-2023


Hill View Primary School take complaints very seriously. We are always open to discussion in a courteous manner, and welcome feedback at all times. If you do have a complaint, please follow our procedures and we will consider and address your complaint in a timely manner.

If your complaint is something we can sort quickly, please contact the school office and we will endeavour to reach a solution quickly. If the complaint is more serious, an appointment with a member of SLT will be more appropriate. Please contact the office to book in.

We’re always looking for ways to improve at Hill View, and we hope that by keeping communication with parents and community open we can accept and work on any feedback we receive.

Reach South Academy Trust Complaints Policy


Equality & SEND

Hill View Primary School believes in equality for all pupils, staff and members of our community. We welcome our duties under the Equality Act 2010 as both a provider of education and as an employer.

We believe that all pupils and staff should have the opportunity to fulfil their potential whatever their background, identity and circumstances.

Our school community is large and varied. Our inclusive ethos means that everyone is included and made to feel welcome.

Details of our approach to teaching Protected Characteristics can be found here: Protected Characteristics

Please click here to view our SEND page.

Our equality policy and SEN policy are attached below.

HVP SEN Policy 2022-2023

RSAT SEND Policy 2022-2023

SEND Information Report 2023-2024

Equalities Policy 2024-2026

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Towards Race Equality

Intimate care Policy 2023-2025


Finance Annual Reports

Click the link below to download Reach South Annual Report and Financial Statements

Reach South Financial Statements

Click the link below to be directed to the Reach South Governance page, where you will find information on: Memorandum of association, article of association, names of charity trustees and members and funding agreement





Safeguarding is an essential part of our role as an education provider to young people. We take this extremely importantly and follow a robust policy that guides us in all our actions.

RSAT Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2023-2024
Flow chart low level concerns
Supervision Policy February 2023
Reach South Safeguarding Policies

We also distribute the SSCT Parents Online Safety Newsletter. This can be found attached to our weekly newsletters or separately on the website under the useful links – internet safety section. Further information on Safeguarding can be found on our Safeguarding page here.

Online Safety

HVPA-Online-Safety-Policy 2023-2024

Acceptable Use Policy

We also have further information on our Online Safety Page