COVID Catch-UP Premium Funding

The government announced £1 billion of funding to support children and young people to catch up lost time after school closure. This is especially important for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged backgrounds.
Have a look at our report (below) to see how we will be using funds allocated to Hill View Primary School

What is it?

The government provided funding to cover a one-off universal catch-up premium for the 2020/2021 academic year.

Its aim was to support pupils to catch up for lost learning caused by the pandemic.

How is it being spent?

School leaders were given the choice to decide how it should be spent, prioritising support. Identifying pupils who would benefit most.

As a school we took the decision to undertake a range of activities to enable pupils to catch up from 1-1 and small group tuition, providing extra teacher capacity and whole school training. Research underpinned these decisions to ensure maximum impact on pupil achievement and attainment. (Please see ‘Catch Up’ documentation for further details).

Hill View catch Up strategy

Remote Learning Plan

In the event of a lock lockdown or a group of children needing to self isolate (individuals, class groups or whole school), the school has a plan to ensure the curriculum continues to delivered to be children in the most appropriate way. Please click here to see how we will support any children needing access remote learning. 

Remote Learning