Anti Bullying

Antibullying Policy 2023

This year, Anti Bullying week was from Monday 13th November to Friday 17th November 2023. As a School, we supported this event with many various activities related to this topic for the children to take part in, through PSHE (SCARF) lessons, assemblies and at breaktimes/lunchtimes.

As well as the events which will be taking place in school, we created a different theme for each day to make a noise about anti-bullying week.

The Year 6 ambassadors and Year 5 girls put on a fantastic performance for the whole school about how there is a very thin line between bullying and banter. They had a focus of cyber bullying and demonstrated that making a noise about bullying can make it stop.

The Year 5 girls, created their very own song about anti-bullying which was shared with everyone. Have a listen and sing along….

Anti-bullying song

Here is some feedback from the children in the school about what they thought about anti-bullying week and what it means:

Year 6 ambassadors Ellis; Elise; Ava; GG – “We enjoyed doing the play. We learnt that there’s a thin line between banter and bullying. We’d want to do it again. We think everyone learnt from our play.”

“The whole community aspect of the play was enjoyable and we all came together at the end it made us feel more like an ambassador family. It brought us altogether.”

“This week is a lot more interactive and fun.”

Year 2 Grace– “this week is antibullying week. We’ve worn odd socks that shows we are all unique. We’ve got crazy hair day. We watched a play about bullying. I thought we shouldn’t do bullying and bullying should stop.”

Year 5 Isabella, Noa, Jamal, Waleed

“We’re doing anti-bullying week to stop people from bullying. This week is to learn all about how we’re different and to celebrate differences and to come together to stop bullying.”

“You would tell a teacher or a trusted adult if you are being bullied or worried. If they have a staff tag or supply tag you can talk to them.”

“The performance was really good because they all had differences. They realised what they had done wrong and they corrected it. I enjoyed that we can do something different every day this week.”

“There’s different types of bullying -cyber, bullying people online. Physical, bullying people and hitting them and verbal bullying which is saying things about their looks.”

“We can go to Sophie if we’re unsure about what to do about bullying. You can sort it out with the person who made you upset. You can speak to Miss Buckland or Miss Vahidi as she’s the antibullying champion. The antibullying policy tells you what you can do.”

Year R- “It’s kindness week.”