Who’s Who?

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Miss Victoria Buckland


Mr K Winthorpe

 Deputy Head Teacher

Ms Smith

Assistant Head Teacher

Mrs Knapper

Assistant Head Teacher


Mrs Burton

Mrs Jackson

Miss Steele

Mrs McMulen

Year 1

Mrs Tucker

Mrs Bridle (Teacher)

Mrs Stow (French)

Mrs Cockram (Teacher)

Miss Owen

Year 2

Mr White
Miss Homer

Mrs Lockyer

Mrs Smith (Teacher)

Year 3

Mr Mather

Miss Parnell

Miss Sharp

Year 4

Mrs Johnson

Mr Bevan

Miss Vahidi

Year 5

Miss Wilkins

Mr McMullen

Mr Ward

Year 6

Mrs Pope

Mrs Bick

Mrs Ponchaud

Mr Curry (Teacher)

Miss Roots

Curriculum Support Teachers

Mrs Price (Music)

Miss Pontet (French)
Mr Doyle (Computing)

Mrs Edwards

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Brookes

Mrs Dear

Mrs Finn

Mrs Thorpe

Mrs Hamlyn

Mrs Upshon

Mrs Bryce

Mrs Marriner

Mrs Bothamley

Mrs McPhee

Mrs Williams

Mrs Holmshaw

Mrs Saunders

Mrs Ceka

Miss Roberts

Mrs Kirby

Mrs Kennedy

Mrs Ayles

Miss Moorton

Mrs Kennedy-Magee

Mrs Rossiter

Midday Supervisors

Miss Finn

Mrs Dear

Mrs Thorpe

Mrs Upshon
Mrs Bothamley
Mrs Brookes

Mrs Ceka

Mrs Williams

Mrs Coates

Mrs Stevens

Mrs Young

Mrs Webb

Miss O’Neil

Mrs Minor

Mrs Saunders

Mrs Irvine

Mrs Kirby

Mrs Holmshaw

Miss Roberts

Miss Rossiter

Mrs Harty

Mrs Northover

Mrs Edwards

Mrs L Coleman

Support Staff

Mrs Milton
ICT Technician
Site Manager

Office Staff

Mrs Clarke – Executive Business Manager – Reach South

Mrs Roberts – Office Manager

Mrs Fromage – Administration Officer

Mrs Johnson – Administration Officer

Mrs Wyeth – Administration Officer