Intent- the aims and programme of education including knowledge and skills.

At Hill View Primary, our curriculum is framed by the school ASCENT values and underpinned by a set of core Learning Values that allow the children to develop key skills that transcend subjects allowing them to develop life skills that they will carry with them throughout their lives.

Ethos Values

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Learning Values

Through our curriculum we teach our learning values.


Emotional Intelligence




Curriculum Map

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Our curriculum has been designed to recognise the needs of the children at Hill View and build on prior learning with a focus on subject specific knowledge, skills and concepts as set out in the National Curriculum.  We believe our children should explore their curiosity, develop individually and become critical thinkers.  Our bespoke curriculum provides opportunities for personal development, collaborative, child-led learning experiences and overall, it motivates and inspires children to achieve their very best.

Community involvement provides essential possibilities for our children as we use local knowledge, skills and resources to promote opportunities for learning and challenge beyond the classroom developing

Children leave Hill View as outward looking citizens, with a growth mind set, an understanding of their personal learning journey and an awareness of both local and global interests and challenges.

Implementation- translation of the framework into a structure to be delivered at HV.[1]

  • The Curriculum Map
  • The Project Overviews.
  • Hooks and Outcomes.
  • The IC books with:
    • The Cover Sheet.
    • The Project on a Page.
    • Home Learning and Parental Engagement.
  • The short-term planning format:
  • The quality of teaching and learning (as described by the proforma)
  • Formative Assessment in OTrack (including of the HV Learning values)
  • Termly progress tests and TA data entry into OTrack. With gap analysis to inform next steps.
  • Monitoring and impact from extended and subject leaders.

Impact- evaluation of the outcomes of the curriculum against our expectations.

These lead to:

  • Strong educational outcomes in the basic skills of Reading, Writing & Maths.
  • A foundation & development of character to help develop confident, successful and respectful citizens.
  • A taster of 21st Century skills through memorable and meaningful learning.
  • Learning behaviours that provide a readiness for the next stage of their education.

[1] During the CV-19 Pandemic plans have been put into place to ensure that the full curriculum can be taught remotely if required.